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TEGGIE Lucy's Story


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Lucy was an ordinary girl.

She never wanted excitement.

She never expected to find evil.

She slept peacefully at night.

Or at least she did!

Her deepest darkest nightmares could not prepare her for what was coming.

The world had changed. Her innocence gone, Lucy had a new challenge.

Teggie was coming.

Is Teggie a myth or a long lost cousin to the Loch Ness monster?

Hiding in the depths, waiting to return………………

Teggie is awake.

The cycle is complete.

And now, Teggie wants to live!

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AIKIDO - The Way Of The Black Star

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BLACK STAR AIKIDO is an Independent Aikido Organisation based in the UK, headed by Shihan Tony J Brown 6th Dan.

Lesson by lesson Shihan Brown gives in-depth guidance and brings Aikido into the 21st century.

Crammed with tips and advice this is a fantastic book for anyone serious about learning Aikido from beginners to advanced.

Available to buy in Paperback or Kindle now on Amazon.


 Transparent Dark Chase 7

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If you go down to the woods today

You’re in for a big surprise…….

Matt’s destiny was unclear. The mystery of his childhood haunted his dreams.

Dreams that were steeped in the supernatural; nightmares that led him into the woods searching for answers.

Surrounded by shadows, his innocence lost; Matt’s journey had just begun.

Unknown to him, his girlfriend, Tara, was also dealing with the demons from his past.

What was his connection to the Chase and why was he drawn to the darkness that surrounded it?

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 Transparent 10 Penny Arcade

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Caught in a nightmare where the past became part of the present, an ordinary family found themselves hurled into time to face their fears.

The penny arcade looked fun but held a deadly secret.

A secret only the gypsy knew.

Nothing was what it seemed.

Evil lurked in every corner of the penny arcade.

What did the gypsy know that would change their lives forever?


Available to buy in Paperback or Kindle now on Amazon.



 Black Haven Farm 3D

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There is something unwelcoming about Black Haven Farm.

It squats, apparently derelict, overlooked by the old Victorian abandoned asylum.

The residents are not as friendly as they should be!

They don’t like strangers and yet they place a bike for sale in the local newspaper.

Four innocent friends arrive hoping to get a bargain. Little do they know what horror awaits them.

But they are invited inside. The only trouble is, they’re not allowed to leave.


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Tansley Close was no ordinary place. It kept many dark secrets close to its heart.

It had stood for more than eighty years, unnoticed, forgotten except for the residents who lived within its boundaries. They were its target, its victims, given no choice but to walk the footpath that led to the archway, to enter into a world where they were forced to relive their darkest nightmares.

The residents of Tansley close seemed ordinary enough to outsiders. Behind closed doors they lived in fear of the terror that awaited them as they were drawn inexhaustibly into the vortex.

Strangely, no one ever asked why they stayed, what kept them there. Maybe there was no answer, or at least not one they wanted to give.

Something bad was about to happen. Tansley Close was watching and waiting. When twilight falls the nightmares begin.


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The locket existed in a different place and time.

Those who wore it believed it belonged to them. They were wrong. It had been placed in their possession for one reason only; to pay the price of sin.

The devil never intended it to be worn by good people. It existed for a darker purpose, to collect souls already blackened and damaged beyond repair. And with so many broken spirits to choose from, evil was easily sought out.

Not everyone deserved what they got, a few even escaped with their souls intact. But many more trod their rightful path to hell.


Available to buy in Paperback or Kindle now on Amazon.




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