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SUSTAIN 8JULY 27, 2016 — 


The creative team behind Checking In and The House of Screaming Death are now turning their hand to something the UK does well – down to earth, character driven drama that challenges and entertains. Sustain is a gritty, hard-hitting drama that follows the aftermath of a racially motivated assault that ends in tragedy. It explores tolerance, grief, family and the lengths people are driven to find justice.

Sustain draws inspiration from classic British films such as ‘Get Carter, ‘Harry Brown’‘Dead Man’s Shoes’, and even ‘Eden Lake’, as well as being influenced by the writing of such celebrated home grown talent as Jimmy McGovern (The Street, Accused).

Production begins in early 2017 with a fantastic ensemble cast, the majority of who originate from the Midlands, a tradition the team were very conscious of wanting to continue while also welcoming new talent to the project, both in front of and behind the camera. Producer Troy Dennison describes the script as “a great story that is very accessible and will take the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotion that will leave you wanting more!”

Producer Keiran Bowers calls on people to help support the film, either by donating to the campaign or simply by sharing it, and all the new content that is posted through social networking avenues, to help get it out there, because, as he states, “I read the screenplay and I was floored by how well written the characters are. This alone should get people excited!”

“I’m very excited about SUSTAIN”, concludes writer/director Dave Hastings. “It has lots of depth, unique and intense conflict throughout and deals with very universal themes. And it’s as far away from ghouls and ghosts as I could ever have wished for on my next project. I cannot wait for you to see what this amazing cast and crew have in store for audiences. It will completely surprise you and you’ll remember it long after the final credits have rolled for sure!”

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