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In May 2014 an ambitious independent film project was screened for the first time to an enthusiastic audience. Checking In has gone on to be featured in film festivals across the world and won Best British Film at the London Film Awards2014.

Checking In is a British independent film made by a collective of Midlands based production companies. The film is an anthology, featuring five interlinking stories set in a hotel across a twenty four hour period. Made for a budget of a little over £2000 and fuelled by cheese cobs and enthusiasm the cast and crew have produced something rather special – five very different stories that have a wide ranging appeal.

The film delves into diverse characters and themes, from a comedic look at rowing couple Ted & Mary (Ernest Vernon & Suzanne Kendal-Morgan), a singer looking for inspiration (Michelle Rachel-Cox), a pair of cosplayers examining their place in society (Laura Evenson & Christopher Smart), an Asian wedding with a bride on the run (Reynah Oppal & Phil Stanley), while the final segment looks at a one night stand between Pete & Aaron, who meet up for an initial night of fun, but it turns into something they could never have imagined, revealing secrets they never thought they’d share (Conner McKenzy & Tony Gibbons).

Checking In has been called “unpretentious, stark and heart-warming”, is receiving positive reviews and has been featured on UK radio and TV. The team have been referred to as “some of the world’s most innovative and talented contemporary film makers”.

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