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The House of Screaming Death is an independently produced anthology horror film. Set within the confines of ‘Bray Manor’ four tales of heart pounding terror are woven by the mysterious character known as The Architect (Ian McNeice) for a group of very special guests. The House of Screaming Death serves as homage to the great films of Hammer and Amicus and carries on the tradition of portmanteau horror movies.

Each segment has a specific writer/director. The Lady in Grey has been written and directed by Troy Dennison. The Witch in the Mirror was written by Mark Lees and directed by Rebecca Harris-Smith. The Vampyre was written and directed by Dave Hastings, while the final segment, The Diabolique is the creation of Alex Bourne. The mysterious Architect segments were directed by Kaush Patel, with those scenes scripted by Dave Hastings.

Producer Dave Hastings of Lightbeam Productions said “we had amazing locations, which helped us bring to life all the atmospheric and eerie stories. Each story you’ll see is set in a different time period, from the Elizabethan era through to modern day, and the support and encouragement we have had from local communities and businesses has just been overwhelming to us all!” The principal shooting location is The Manor House, West Bromwich – a 13thcentury, grade 1 listed building which serves as the main backdrop for the stories in the feature. It is also purported to be one of the most haunted properties in the Midlands.

Producer Kaush Patel said “The Manor House has been such a supportive and helpful establishment and the team there were superb. The building is amazing and has such character, a character that helped us bring our wonderfully gothic and scary tales to life! We are completely in their debt as they are a credit to helping further the Arts in the West Midlands!”

Principal photography took place in August 2016 after a series of long days and late nights and a second round of filming took place in February 2017. The film is in the final phases of post production now after editing was completed in July. Director Troy Dennison says “the crew were absolutely amazing. The production schedule was punishing at times but they were always ready and eager to shoot. People are going to be amazed when they see the footage. The quality of the acting and what we’ve captured on film will really show that film making talent is alive and well in the Midlands”.

Four special extended teaser trailers were shot prior to production and the team are currently hitting some UK sci-fi and horror conventions to spread the fear and chills. The ambitious The House of Screaming Death has over 100 cast and crew and is believed to be the largest independent feature to come out of the Midlands in the last decade.

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