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Co writers Roger David Francis and Troy Dennison have got together and written an exciting and vibrant screenplay bringing to life the legend of Lake Bala, Teggie.

Teggie could be the North Wales distance cousin of the famous Loch Ness Monster.

Troy a well known award winning independent Film maker in the West Midlands, heard about Teggie, and instantly wanted to get involved.

Roger from North Wales had met Troy previously whilst working on a film called Checking In and even then set the seeds for Troy to join him later on this amazing project.

It is planned for the film to ready by end of 2017 early 2018.

Troy is an artist, writer, actor and X-Box junkie! He is the creator of Tales From The Lounge and the Dragon Days web-comic while his independent film work includes the movies The ClownLast Time She Lived and Furor. Troy was born and grew up in Staffordshire. His interest in films grew from an early age, influenced by seeing Star Wars when he was nine and from the stories his Great-Uncle would tell him about classic monster movies like King Kong andDracula. Troy has a background in art and theatre and trained as a Make-up artist, as well as being skilled in photography, costume design and  directing!

Roger is an actor and writer.  He will pretty much put his hand to anything. Roger was born in Staffordshire although currently he is residing amongst the fish in Rhyl along the North Wales coastline. His favourite TV shows include Star Trek,Stargate and Battlestar Galactica. Again like Troy, Roger too worked on the awarding winning film Checking In and played the part of Alex the hotels’ Basil Faulty style manager. Roger has worked on a range of TV productions ranging from Coronation Street to Doctor Who. More recently he took on the role of an unfortunate villager in one of Troy’s recent projects The House of Screaming Death starring Ian McNiece.

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