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Who knows what Teggie really is?

There are stories, legends, whispers and half truths in the darkness. Some say Teggie is a monster who has lived beneath the waters of Lake Bala for centuries.

This terrifying beast has been seen by many people throughout the decades. The whispers among the local residents are of a dragon like creature, reptilian, fearsome, and only the bravest of souls would venture along the waters’ edge as night falls.

There are those who have come face to face with Teggie whilst fishing from their boats, and many more who have caught just a glimpse of it from the corner of their eye.

A secret military experiment took place during the First World War. Something happened, but no one will speak of it and all military documanes of the event are classified. Was this an encounter with the creature known as Teggie?

There are people who still deny that Teggie ever existed, but there are many more that have found themselves staring into its cold yellow glittering eyes, and have been too afraid to speak of it to anyone.

They know they have seen a monster. But what if Teggie was more than a monster?

What if it was a shape-shifting creature from another dimension, a creature that was able to turn itself into a man?

Would that make it any less of a monster?

Over the decades there have been many sightings of Teggie, the monster who lives beneath Bala Lake. There are accounts of a reptilian like beast with the head and jaws of a crocodile. It appears to be somewhere between ten and thirty feet in dimension and shows itself infrequently throughout the year, most often during spring and summertime in the late evenings.

No one is quite sure where Teggie originates from, it has been suggested that it is the result of a cross breeding experiment undertaken during World War Two to be used as a weapon fitted with an implanted sonic device. Another theory was put forward by an American scientist who studied the phenomena in the 1990’s and who leaned towards the unsettling conclusion that Teggie may have arrived on our planet centuries before from another galaxy in outer space, finding a home beneath the waters of Lake Bala.

If this theory is correct, it could explain why in all the many sightings of the beast no two accounts of its appearance are the same. As there is unlikely to be two monsters in the lake, we may decide that Teggie has the ability to alter its looks when it shows itself. Moving on from this must then be the possibility that it is able to manipulate other creatures around it, even to the extent of forcing its alien spirit into whatever it chooses, becoming one with it. Why it should wish to do this remains a mystery.

Maybe one day it will find a way to return home but until then the sightings will continue, and the possible outcome of humankind being caught up in a battle with an unknown alien force may be something we need to be aware of. Who knows how many of these beasts may be hiding under the lakes of every country in the world, waiting for their time to live.

Whilst these answers have remained a mystery, one of our authors took a team to Lake Bala to investigate this strange monster. The results were startling.

Based a true eye witness accounts look out for his new book Teggie Lucy’s Story.

Fact or fiction, you decide!

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