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Here lies the Blog of Books Ghouls Horror Rules, a place where fear is never far away.

The undead rest not, and the living barely survive.

We adorn the supernatural  and seek to find the mythical beast hiding in the depths of Lake Bala known as Teggie.

Here at Averill Lodge Publishiing we invite you to share your stories of ghosts, ghouls and demons, with the world. Send us your story in less than 500 words with your photo or an original creepy picture and if we like it, we will post it for all to see.

True Ghost Stories

Death Comes To Bidston

Bidston Hall


History hides dark secrets. Innocent places hide truths forgotten. Bidston, South of Liverpool in the Uk has such a forgotten truth.

During the 19th century, murderous atrocities did occur. Bidston was no longer a sleepy town hiding in the shadows. In fact, not all was what it seemed. Especially when what was left of five bodies was found buried in the cellar of a building near Rain Hill. For their lay the mutilated and scarred remains of Emily Williams and her children; Bertha, Marie, Lilla and Syndey....



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